The easy way to send and receive in Grin.

What's grinbox?

Grinbox is a transaction protocol that utilises relay servers to build and broadcast valid Grin transactions in a secure and scaleable way without compromising on privacy:

  • 100% free and open source. Grinbox is free to use and open for anyone to integrate into their products and services.
  • An address for your grin wallet. Send and receive grins immediately in an easy way by sharing your unique grinbox address to those you interact with.
  • End to end encryption. Relays cannot read the transaction data, only the parties involved in a transaction can.
  • Asynchronous messaging. Senders and recipients do not need to be online at the same time to transact.
  • Transaction proofs. With grinbox, it becomes easy to prove that a Grin transaction was sent to a recipient.
  • Federation supported. Anyone can run their own transaction relay or use the server they prefer.

How to get started

If you're a developer, looking to add grinbox support into your product or service, take a look at the integration documentation.

If you're a business or just want to run your own grinbox relay, get the latest version of grinbox server from the GitHub repo.

If you're a user and want to try out grinbox, it's integrated and ready for use in wallet713.

Join the team?

We’re looking for Rust engineers who believe that privacy is a fundamental right and that inviduals should have unrestricted access to their own money.

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